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Welcome to BHL Sports Network.

We are constantly looking to recruit new agents. As our commission structure is very competitive, this provides excellent business opportunity for people who are looking to expand their business or even for people who are thinking to open a new business. We offer a very attractive profit sharing program along with excellent marketing tools to our agents.

It’s exciting that you’re interested in becoming an independent, contracted agent for us. Our agents are key members of our team. They help us to deliver quality and quantity sports goods and garments products to Brands and other wholesaler communities.

Because we value our agents, we place a high priority on them having a rewarding relationship with us. In addition to our competitive commissions and incentives, consider the other benefits of being a BHL Sports agent:

  • You represent the sports goods and garments manufacturer We are well-known and respected around the world.
  • You can offer your customers a wide range of product options  to find their unique needs of any group.
  • You and your customers will have peace of mind, knowing that our coverage is guaranteed renewable. We’ll never turn anyone away based on our products.
  • You can check an other suppliers. But you will find we work different and in new ways.

Simply put, we’re not your average manufacturing company. We’re committed to offering the good value in bulk: keeping costs down for our customers that encourage wellness and healthy Business relations.

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Kindly contact us.

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